Friday 3 September 2010

Shameless Plug #2

The new series of New Tricks will be starting on Friday 10th September on BBC1 at 9pm. The Friday night slot is a first for our little show, let's see how we do. All the episodes are brilliant. Well, how could they fail to be with writers like Julian Simpson, JC Wilsher, Matthew Thomas, Ollie Brown, Nicholas Hopkins and the mighty creator Roy Mitchell turning out?

However, if you wish to seek out my offerings tune in on the 24th of September for LEFT FIELD - a story of paedophiles and Palestinian freedom fighters.

And also on the 29th of October for COMING OUT BALL which explores the world of Irish Republican politics, arms-dealing and debutantes.

Yeah, I decided to keep it light this year.

Oh, and Dennis Waterman sings!


  1. I'm confused. You wrote the episodes entitled 'LEFT FIELD' and 'COMING OUT BALL. Correct?

  2. That's right - those are the two eps that I have written for this series. Lx

  3. Hi Lisa,

    Just come back from holiday and just wanted to say how much I enjoyed both Left Field and Coming Out Ball.

    Best Wishes,


  4. I am a student, and I adore New Tricks. I mean adore it. I thought it necessary to inform you I was a student first up, as from experience, being one and liking NT does not seem to go hand in hand. At least not with the student population I am surrounded by.

    But still.
    I love it.